Tagore books Giveaway!

If you are a lover of Rabindranath Tagore’s writing and his songs, you will love this! A chance to win a three book set of translations of Tagore’s songs, stories and poems! Winners will be randomly picked from ‘Likes’, ‘Shares’ and ‘Comments’. They will be announced on the 13th of July, 2013 by midday
Your books will be sent to you by registered post, wherever you are. Good luck!my books photo

5 thoughts on “Tagore books Giveaway!

  1. Amazing, generous offer! I have a few Indian editions of Tagore’s works in translation, but yours are truly magnificent. Thank you!!!

  2. Really, a bright idea, very good translations into English, also following up Bengali.
    I also like the videos which are mentioned and the lovely pics.

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