East and West In Greater India’, in Probasi 1908

‘Whether India is to be yours or mine, whether it is to
belong more to the Hindu, or the Moslem, or whether some
other race is to assert a greater supremacy than either—that
is not the problem with which Providence is exercised. It is
not as if, at the bar of the judgement seat of the Almighty,
different advocates are engaged in pleading the rival causes of
Hindu, Moslem or Westerner, and that the party that wins
the decree shall finally plant the standard of permanent
possession. It is our vanity which makes us think that it is a
battle between contending rights—the only battle is the
eternal one between Truth and untruth.

If India had been deprived of touch with the West, she would have lacked an element essential for her attainment of perfection. Europe now has her lamp ablaze.
We must light our torches at its wick and make a fresh start
on the highway of time. That our forefathers, three thousand
years ago, had finished extracting all that was of value from
the universe, is not a worthy thought. We are not so
unfortunate, nor the universe, so poor’.

Rabindranath Tagore
‘East and West In Greater India’
August-September, 1908