About Me!

This page is dedicated to making Rabindranath Tagore known more widely to the non Bengali speaker and to members of the Bengali diaspora who for various reasons are unable to read his work in their native language.  I believe my translations are as good in most cases as the originals! Why not give it a read and find out why I am certain of this!

I have had favourable responses from both Bengali readers as well as non-Bengali readers. I include just a few of those here as I am sure you are in no mood to wade through miles of testimonials:

1. From Chandak S,

Dear Ruma, hello and hope you are well.  I have now had a chance to
read your translations and, although I am a total amateur in literary
matters, I think they read very well indeed.  The renderings are
supple and do not read like translations – you have obviously found
imaginative ways of conveying Rabindranath’s sense without trying to
find literal equivalents of his often untranslatable words and
phrases.  So, thank you very much for sharing them with a non-expert
like me and hope those with greater expertise will also like them.
With very best wishes, Chandak

2. From Rosemary M,

Thanks, Ruma. What a lovely surprise!

It was good to read. It was of another age, yet timely. Tagore has that feel…
3. From Amal S,
Well-done. Thanks.
And now something about me and what makes me tick:
I was born in Ghana, in  West Africa. I have lived in Africa and India, where my parents come from, before moving to Australia. I was always deeply involved with Tagore’s work, through my singing, reading and teaching. I am always greatly thankful to my parents who as doctors living overseas could have sent me to a boarding school and ensured my almost certain severance from my Tagore. Instead they sent me to a school whose ethos was deeply rooted in his ideals and educational philosophy. Patha bhavan was one of the best things that could have happened to me. Years later, I find that I am able to use Tagore as a means of expressing my deepest fears, my sincerest happiness and the most severe of my pains. For this I am eternally  in his debt.
Today, although I teach mathematics in high school in Australia, I remain at heart a student of Tagore. In my Adelaide home, where I share living quarters with three children, the frequent friends sleeping over, two dogs and two rabbits, Rabindrasangeet is the music most likely to be heard, along side the Beatles and Billy Joel.
I do hope this blog gives you enough that you wish to return again and again. Do subscribe via the link. That will mean you will know of any posts as soon as they are made. See you soon!
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One thought on “About Me!

  1. Thank you for opening up the world of Gurudev’s writing for non-Bangla speakers like me. I have been reading (and listening also) to many of your posts since discovering this site last month.

    Request you to complete Kheerer Putul by Aban Thakur. I read out part 1 and 2 to my nieces, and they are after me to complete the story. The talking monkey has captured their imagination.

    If you are busy with other matters, can you at least give an idea by when you expect to complete this story ?

    Thank you once again. God bless.

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