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লেখন ১/Lekhon 1

স্বপ্ন আমার জোনাকি
দীপ্ত প্রাণের মণিকা,
স্তব্ধ আঁধার নিশীথে
উড়িছে আলোর কণিকা॥

লেখন, বুডাপেস্ট্‌

My dreams are but fireflies
Burning bright with life,
Flying through silent darkness
These particles of light.

(Translation, mine)

Tagore wrote this on November 7, 1926 at Balatonfűred in Hungary. He was hospitalised here for heart problems. There is a Tagore Promenade by the banks of Lake Balaton as well as a statue of the poet and even a Hotel Tagore.

Rabindranath Tagore in Hungary 3

Tagore in Hungary, November 1926. On his right are Prasanta and Rani Mahalanobis.